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China E-Commerce Operation

China e-commerce is growing at an amazing speed graph

China e-commerce is growing at an amazing speed and has already become the world’s largest e-commerce market. As of 2020, online retail sales in China have reached RMB 11.76 trillion, taking up approximately 30% of total retail sales of the year. More than 782 million are Chinese online shoppers which is 54% of the total population.


After more than a decade of evolution, China e-commerce is getting highly competitive. The operation complexity is increasing rapidly. And the battlefield of the e-commerce operation has changed from the simple focus of recruiting new customers to a comprehensive refined e-commerce operation.

Based on brands China market awareness, assortment market fit, available investment budget and business targets, we can support you design your e-commerce sales channel roadmap and facilitate your cooperation with the suitable sales channels.

E-commerce Platform Selection 

Different e-commerce channels offer different cooperation models, such as brand flagship store and supplier wholesale model. Many large platforms offer several different cooperation models at the same time. This can be challenging for those brands and retailer who are not familiar with the Chinese markets and how the different platforms and their cooperation models work. The final decision depends on a strategic analysis of each model, and a breakdown of main advantages and disadvantages. We help brands chose the best platform for each sales stage. 

E-store Design and launching

In China e-commerce, different platforms focus on different group of consumers and serve different purposes on brands e-commerce sales channel roadmaps. To each platforms, we design corresponding e-store also based on Chinese consumer's shopping habits and the result of the market study. Thanks to our solid partnerships with major channels we get our brands the best terms to launch their stores. 

Logistic and warehousing Management 

We work with the most experienced international and domestic logistic and warehousing services providers to provide our brands the most efficient one-stop supply chain solutions to the China market. To each brand we work with, we select the best fit partners to have the best shipping methods to our brands goods delivered to China expeditiously and economically, make sure to maximized the revenue, minimized the overall transportation costs, and to create the best customer service.

E-Commerce Promotion & Channel Expansion 

We chose and develop various promotion methods for brands base on Chinese customers consuming habits.  Along the development of the brand awareness and sales, we help the brands expand their sales channels to engage customers on different mediums. 

Customer Service 

In China, it is not enough to open an online shop, invest money in digital marketing or ensure the quality of products. What is important for brands is the management of the customer relationship with the brand. We help brands providing first-rate customer service, recoup customer acquisition costs and cultivate a loyal following. 

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